Tantra Teacher & Intimacy Coach

A beautiful love story starts with you...

No matter how many relationships you end or how often you find yourself in
relationships that never meets your needs, it's not about the other person.  

It's about the patterns you repeat over and over that keep you away
from the deep love you really are longing for. 

When you remove these love blockers,
you open up for a connection that feels safe to open up to,
a love that truly sees you,
that is supportive,
and allows you to truly express yourself in all your flavors.  

This kind of love is possible, and 
it starts with creating a safe and loving foundation within yourself.  

This is the process I am taking my clients and participants through,
and if you want to experience this too,
book a free call to explore how your unique path to it can look like.

It's not because of the other person that the same pattern is repeated over and over again ...

It's your love blockers!

When you've been yearning for a love that truly sees you, but keep attracting partners who feel distant or emotionally unavailable, it's often because you haven't solved your love blockers. Without truly understanding yourself, the cycle of guarded relationships continues.  

My path to get there is through self-discovery and embodiment work (think: feeling your truth, not just talking about it!).  

This will make a huge difference from the frustration of ending up alone again and again or getting stuck in the same patterns within your relationships.  

Once you implement these tools and make the shift from fear to love, experiencing lasting love becomes natural and joyful!

"I will be patient with myself as I develop into the person I am meant to be. Being perfect is not the goal. Continuing to grow in a positive direction is the goal."

 - Unknown

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