Get connected to love

This is for you who want to be witnessed by another person, want to be loved by another person, want to be in relationship to others in a way that is open and expressed and beautiful and nourishing and nurturing and wonderful.

What keeps you from this is being fear of being rejected by others, being not enough for other people, being fully seen and perceived by another, feeling fully expressed with someone else.

In this coaching program we are doing the inner work on your heart, on your patterns, on your fears, the worthiness, the fear of vulnerability, all these pieces so you can have the relationship you desire.

In this transformative program, you'll:

Heal past wounds: 
Release the emotional baggage that weighs you down.
Make space for self-love and acceptance, creating a foundation for healthy connections.

Heal your love blockers: 
Discover the unconscious stories holding you back from vulnerability and connection.
Replace them with empowering truths that pave the way for deeper intimacy.

Embrace your authentic self: 
Learn to love and accept all facets of who you are – your brilliance and your "flawsome" quirks.
Shine brightly as the unique individual you are.

Develop powerful communication skills: 
Master the art of expressing yourself openly and honestly.
Build trust and intimacy through clear communication, fostering deeper connections.

Stop self-sabotaging: 
Identify and dismantle the unhealthy patterns that keep sabotaging your love life.
Learn to make empowered choices that lead to lasting fulfillment.

This is my invitation.
An invitation to do the powerful work within yourself,
so that you finally can open your heart and receive love.

This is your path to creating a beautiful partnership, a love story you've always dreamed of,
 where you are being seen, celebrated, and loved for who you truly are.

Do you want this?

This is included:

- 10 powerful sessions over 5 months (biweekly)
- Each session is 75 minutes
- The sessions take place from the comfort of your home so you don't have to travel anywhere
- Tailored exercises between sessions to support and deepen your process
- Partial payment is offered

 Investment: 29.900 SEK
You also have the option of a partial payment plan: 6.390 SEK x 5 months,
making it more accessible without compromising the depth of your experience.

Hi! I am Sandra Bergman

I am here to gently invite you to a journey of self-discovery that is as pleasurable as it is profound.  

As an experienced tantra teacher and intimacy coach, and my in-depth training from a variety of influential teachers has shaped me into a trusted guide on your inner journey to a more vibrant and fulfilling life and love relationship.   

I have also studied with shamans for several years, which has taken me on several longer trainings and trips around the world where I have been inspired and initiated which helps me to see beyond the visible.  

When you choose to work with me, you get a mentor who has already walked the path I am now guiding you on, bringing wisdom from years of study and personal experience.  

My unique ability to combine serious topics with lightness creates an atmosphere of trust so that this becomes the nurturing space for you to explore, grow, and fully embrace your authentic self so that you can have a fruitful, nourishing, loving relationship.

Client love

"I love myself from a completely different place today, from the bottom of my heart and I am here and supporting myself.“

“I feel very safe with you and really felt that you read me very well and challenged me appropriately. I think you are very calm, soft, and trustworthy. You have felt and read me in a way that has allowed me to relax and dare to give in to the exercises.

I see that my self-worth has improved, I listen better to what I feel and want.

And when I get into a situation where I had previously "fallen out", I can now remain in it, see that I am not alone or useless, I have and receive support from the old wise woman who holds me and my inner child.”


"It really feels like you genuinely care about me and want me well
which makes me really feel safe with you. “

“I have appreciated the sessions with you very much and would really like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to meet myself while being coached by you. You feel so knowledgeable in many areas and empathy.    

You made me realize what I need and long for and how I can get it and what I can actually do.    I also feel that I am more and more questioning how I want to live the rest of my life and that I want to start taking steps towards change.”


"I felt safe to express myself fully and felt    
personally connected to Sandra as my coach."  

“Sandra was able to provide and hold a safe space for me to express my needs and frustrations. 

I was impressed with how powerful each session was and how well 
each session connected to each other.          

I experienced the feeling of personal power, courage and having strong boundaries 

for the first time in my life, plus I experienced the potential inside of me to embody those to the fullest.       

Finally I expressed myself fully to my partner without fear which is the start of deeper intimacy.”


If you feel like this is the support you've been waiting for but want to talk to me before you decide…

...then you are welcome to book a free call. I know it can feel personal to talk about sex and intimacy with someone you may not have met before and this is for you and me to feel if it is right for you. I will be honest with you during our conversation and if I feel this is not quite right, I will say so.  
If this particular program isn't right for you, I have other options that we can talk about so you can feel confident in getting the right guidance.

Frequently asked question

Yes, it does. 
 I have been coaching online for over four years, and the results are just as good. The only difference is that you do not have to travel to me but simply log in to the zoom link that I send you. The sessions are as deep and healing as if we had been in the same room. In addition, you get homeplay between the sessions to deepen your process even further.

No, it is not. 
Our work together has nothing to do with nudity. What we do is discover where in your body you have blockages that prevent you from achieving what you desire and dissolve them. It happens through guided experiences inside your body and without you having to touch yourself in any way. However, we can agree on practices you perform yourself at home between our sessions that involve both nudity and intimacy if it is in line with what you want to achieve.

My recommendation is to spend time doing your home exercises regularly once or twice a week because that is how you will slowly get the lasting changes you want. Keep in mind that you are reprogramming yourself to a new way of being intimate and that takes time. But this is your journey and I invite you to participate in whatever way feels good to you.

Yes, you can. 
 I offer a partial payment, see below.

Our contract period starts from the first session, which must be completed within 3 weeks from the date of purchase.
The contract period is valid for a further 1 month after the end of the purchase period.
Thereafter, the contract is terminated even if you have outstanding sessions.
Should an emergency arise where you need extra time, this is done in consultation with Sandra.  
Cancellation of sessions must be made at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise, it will be considered used up.  
Through your payment you agree to these terms and conditions.


  • Full payment

    29900 SEK


    10 sessions

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  • Partial payment
  • 5 payments of

    6390 SEK

    per month

    10 deep sessions

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