Fill your body and soul with pleasure and nourishment during these wonderful days at Sju Sjöars Hotel.

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A pause in everyday life to experience deep pleasure and intimacy.
When we are deeply present and connected, we show ourselves in all our power AND our smallness. We open our hearts wide and RECEIVE. Vulnerable, yes, but wonderfully nice.

To get to that place within ourselves we need to be fully present and in tantra, we become that through the body and our chakra system. 

We have 7 chakras, each of which carries a specific energy that affects us differently and you will get to experience chakras 1-4 in more detail.

When a chakra stops being the open channel it is meant to be, problems arise that slow down the life force in the body. It makes it difficult to be intimate, our defense systems are activated and we no longer allow ourselves to RECEIVE.  

When we cleanse our chakras so that life energy can flow freely again, it helps us to be more present and gives us the closeness and contact we long for. The more you open this channel the more alive you feel!

Learn all about the retreat
in this video

- what you will get to experience
- what you will learn
- why the Chakra System is so important for understanding ourselves
- pictures of the venue
- and much more!

Experience chakras 1-4 in depth

The teaching of the chakra system is the very foundation of tantra and the way you get to experience it is sensual, pleasurable and emotional… 

It is a lived experience and not something you can learn through theory. Therefore we spend one day each on chakras 1-4 so that you get a deeper understanding of the life teachings of these and how different they are, also depending on our gender.

You will have rich opportunities to dive into the chakras through gentle touch, the release of emotions, joyful dance, active and quiet meditations, and much more so that you know how to invite passion, deeper intimacy, and a feeling of living your life to the fullest.

It will also awaken your sexual desire and that is GOOD because the tantric path to deep satisfaction on all levels is through your sexuality and your ability to feel your emotions.

Venue Sju sjöar (Seven Lakes)


Get all the food prepared, just sit down at the set table and enjoy the company and flavors. Sleep in a freshly made comfortable bed and wake up rested the next day. Enjoy a nice shower in the room after our slightly more sweaty exercises. Take a walk in the beautiful nature that surrounds the course yard, by yourself or in the company of others.

It is pleasure and relaxation and care. Because when we can let go of all the practical things around us and instead let ourselves be taken care of, it frees up energy and time to go inward instead. And that is something tantra wants to offer you. Energy to release what is holding you back in life and time to look within and find your truth about who you are, deep down.

There is also a 

It is the place where we spend the most time together and which holds us as we dive into the world of tantra.  

Here we enjoy each other's touch and massage, we dance together and we laugh and cry together.  

Here you get permission to just be. Let your masks fall, let your authentic self emerge.  

Because here you are held and accepted, just as you are.

Hi! I am Sandra Bergman

I am here to gently invite you to yourself and to the deep yet wild intimacy you dream of and long for. 

I really care about you. 
I want you to allow yourself to have deep and close intimacy. 
I want you to be comfortable with all sides of your sexuality. 
I want you to grow powerful and deeply grounded in yourself. Because I know how important this is for you to enjoy life to the fullest.  

Thanks to having done my inner work myself, I know how to guide you in a safe way that is unique to me.  

For 14 years I have held workshops and sessions in intimacy and sexuality. It started with training to become a sexsibility coach, which was then followed by some of the most comprehensive trainings in the world today in tantra and sexuality, including with Layla Martin and Ma Ananda Sarita.  

I have also studied with shamans for several years, which has taken me on several longer trainings and trips around the world where I have been inspired and initiated and which helps me to see the bigger picture.

Thanks to all this training and experience, I have an extensive library of knowledge that you will benefit from during our time together.

So my invitation is to let me accompany you for a while on what may be your greatest journey ever.

Participants from the Tantra retreat 2023

Just do it, it's so worth it!  You get a very competent course leader, a safe room, new insights and great meetings. Sandra is knowledgeable, structured, flexible, grounded, confident.  

The best part was learning more about the chakras, getting to feel energy in the different chakras and which chakras are my strengths and will I need to strengthen more.

Also the insight of the importance of creating balance in all chakras for zest for life and enjoyment.

 It is a super nice environment, good food and nice rooms.

Rebecca Sjögren
Go! Be brave and go. It's a fantastically nice arrangement and a safe space is created for you to let go and open up to more life. Sandra is soft and warm in her leadership. She is responsive and carefully guides the arrangement with precision.

The whole course was fantastic. But the highlights were all the nice meetings with the people, the lovely exercises we did and all the laughs!  

I have gained a strength in how far I have come in my own personal development, as well as being humbled by the fact that we learn all our lives; about ourselves, the relationship with others and life. So grateful for the experience.
Join the retreat because these are valuable days to find more of yourself, within yourself. It is a safe place to discover, experience more of you and your feelings.  

I take with me that I feel strengthened that I can actually set limits. Dare to ask for what I need. And it was the laughter of the year and I feel high on life moment.  

Sandra is calm and keeps a safe space. This combined with mischief and curiosity gives me a lot of inspiration to dare to face myself.
Don't hesitate if you are unsure.. could I dare everyone can..  

I am searching and hoping to open myself up and all my black holes to dissolve. I take with me that my journey has only just begun but that I am beginning to understand what I should work on to become a happier and more loving Lars.  

I think Sandra is a very good leader, clear and with a radiance that makes everyone listen and understand that it is for real and that this will work if you just let go, For me she remind me of the sun shining..

Participants from Tantra Courses in 2022/23

Just do it if it feels right in your heart! There is nothing to be afraid of and I myself discovered that I was much braver than I thought. I immediately felt trust in Sandra, who also proved to lead the course with a safe hand. Sandra is calm, clear and inclusive and has a humble poise and really offers herself!

Susanne Dahlgren

"You are empathetic and choose exercises and present them carefully and clearly. Impressive to see that you keep the group together even though they are in different phases and you have a strong belief in their healing process. You convey this in a powerful and empathetic way."


"With her presence and openness, Sandra made me, who previously never believed that Tantra was for me, dare to take the step. With sexual trauma in the background, I have been afraid of what would come up, but I felt safe and dared to let go that which needed to be healed".


"It is a very enriching course that gives insight into tantra in a nice way. You lead the group in a confident, competent, focused, and empathetic way. It was amazing to see how over the weekend the participants opened up more and more. It was also so beautiful to meet in respect and closeness.”

Lill Andersson

"Take the course to explore yourself and get in touch with your energies and enjoy life with dance, touch, etc. But also to practice presence in intimate meetings in a safe environment. Simply to become more of who you really are. I take home a wonderful feeling of a vibrating body full of energy.”


"I had a fantastic experience at a previous course with Sandra when I went in as one person and came out as a different person.  

Sandra is very good at adapting the various workshops to the needs and experience of the unique group.”

Pelle Sederkvist

"Come to the course if you want to fill up on joyful pleasure. Physical exercises are mixed with going deep into the body to find relaxation and energetic joy."


Sandra has a warm energy and gives of herself. Every time she shows something, she gives everything in the exercise while being close to laughing. It is not difficult to relax and go fully into exercises when Sandra shows the way.”


"On the course, you can feel safe and go that extra mile without feeling embarrassed. Take the course and face life as a freer person, you won't regret it afterward.”  



~ WHEN ~ 
July 1-5, 2024.

Monday: We start at 11.00 a.m.
Friday: We finish at 5 p.m.

Address: Sju sjöar, Brännared Holmen 3, 519 97 Öxnevalla, West Sweden.

Airport: The nearest airport is Landvetter in Gothenburg and is a 50 minutes drive away.

Car: 1 hour drive from Gothenburg, 1 hour 45 minutes from Jönköping, 2 hour 30 min from Malmö, 5 hour from Stockholm, 50 minutes from Borås.

Train & bus: Stops in Horred, Västtrafik, line Varberg-Herrljunga.
We can pick you up in Horred for a fee of SEK 50.

The course is for you regardless of relationship status, sexual orientation, or level of experience. You are welcome as you are. If you come as a couple, you can choose to do exercises together.

Early Bird Jan 1 - March 10: SEK 12,490.
Thereafter: SEK 13,990.

IT INCLUDES 4 nights (Mon-Fri) in a shared double room with hotel standard (own shower and toilet in the room) and all food from lunch on Monday to lunch on Friday. The food is with meat. A limited number of single rooms are available for an additional fee of SEK 900, first come, first served.

Booking takes place by paying the course fee, either in full or in part.

The booking is binding and is not refunded if it is closer than 60 days to the course. Cancellation before that will be refunded 50% of the course fee.

One tip is to see if you can get extra travel insurance on your home insurance that will cover you if you have to cancel the course. It might be a cheap investment.

The retreat will be held in Swedish and English if required.

The retreat is alcohol and drug-free. Since we are working to increase our presence and awareness these days, it is not appropriate to use things that take us further away from it.

Want to make sure this is for you? Contact me with your questions: Email:, SMS/phone 0700-58 39 38.

A warm, warm welcome! ❤️

Swim and walk in the beautiful surroundings together with new friends. Simply time to just be yourself with others and experience life!

Come home to your body

These days we give and receive soft sensual touch that helps the body to really relax and RECEIVE. 

When you are more anchored in your body, your attention is turned inward and you can more easily feel what is going on in you right now. This shift of focus from extroverted to more introverted grounds you and keeps you at the moment. 

You can begin to notice the life energy moving within, how emotions come and go, you can notice thoughts that appear without you having to do anything about them. 

You relax deeply and can thereby allow yourself to embrace everything that is happening inside. This acceptance of the life within you opens your heart and gives a deeper connection to the outside.

You move increasingly into this restful and present state and eventually live your whole life from there, in touch with yourself, with others, and with life. That to me is deep intimacy!

Common questions - FAQ

This retreat is for those who want to experience the foundation of authentic Tantra in a relaxing environment. 
You can be completely new to Tantra or have many years of experience, it doesn't really matter. What you want is a deep connection in a pleasant environment where you can let go of everyday life and at the same time immerse yourself in tantric exercises. And you get that here!
You will also get a deeper understanding and experience of the chakra system, especially chakra 1-4.

Yes, it will.
Tantra is sometimes perceived as extremely gender polarized. But since we have positive and receptive poles in our chakras and these are different for men and women, it is important to experience meetings with opposite poles during the course. It helps us identify with BOTH polarities of feminine and masculine within ourselves and is the path to balance in our lives and relationships, regardless of gender or non-gender.

No, you don´t. 
This is your journey whether you are in a relationship or not. If you come by yourself, you do exercises together with other participants. If you come as a couple, you can choose to do exercises together.

To participate in the course you never have to take off any clothes. However, there will be exercises where you can choose to be more or less clothed, and even if you choose to wear your clothes, others may choose to wear less or none at all, so you have an acceptance of that.

No, it will not.
We will look at and deeply explore sexual energy during the retreat but not be very sexual together. This means that if you come to find a new partner or explore liberated sexuality, this is not the place for you, so don't come.

Yes, see option at the check out.

Yes, you can. 
Send me an e-mail with your and the company's name, address, phone number, and VAT number. The invoice must be paid before you are seen as booked. I call these courses either personal development or inner leadership training, choose what suits you best.

General conditions Tantra retreat

The course fee:
Early Bird Jan 1 - March 10: SEK 12,490. generous payment plan is available here.
Thereafter: SEK 13,990.
It INCLUDES 4 nights (Mon-Fri) in a shared double room (hotel-standard with own shower and toilet) and ALL FOOD. It starts with lunch on Monday and ends with lunch on Friday. A limited number of single rooms are available for a supplement of SEK 800, first come, first served.

Booking takes place by paying the course fee, either in full or in part. 
Booking is binding and will not be refunded closer to 60 days before the course. Cancellation before that will be refunded 50% of the course fee. One tip is to see in you can get extra travel insurance on your home insurance that will cover you if you have to cancel the course.

The retreat is alcohol and drug-free. Since we are working to increase our presence and awareness these days, it is not appropriate to use things  that take us further away from this. So you are kindly but firmly asked to respect this.


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