Alive in Spirit

Intimate in Connection

Online self-paced course

I regularly talk to people who tell me they've tried *everything* when it comes to feeling more free in their sexuality, and still can't seem to crack the code to allow themselves to fully enjoy it.

So if, despite years of inner work, all the courses you've taken, and all the books you've read, you still find it hard to let go during sex, this course is really for you.

The key is vulnerability

It's about letting yourself be seen — as the doorway to genuine connection,
making it both the most exposed and most rewarding state of being. 

Welcome to Alive in Spirit, Intimate in Connection
- a Tantra-Led Journey to Vibrant Living

 This course is to help you feel safe to share your sexual and emotional expression
without holding back.

For this it's so important to embrace vulnerability - without it, you won't dare reveal who you really are or want to be, leaving you stuck in the same old unfulfilling sexual patterns.

The lectures will give you a greater understanding of what keeps you stuck in old patterns so that you can open up to the most profound pleasure and connection.

When you are your authentic self, vulnerability becomes the strength that leads you to a new way of living and loving, and this is what you will learn in Alive in Spirit, Intimate in Connection.

This is included

6 modules with video lessons

We go into tantra, self-love, orgasm, and much more in these deep lectures that will lead you on your journey to a deeper connection with yourself as well as a how to actually do the inner work.

Practices and journaling questions

The course includes several embodiment practices explained in the lectures as well s accompanying practices and PDFs to help you go even deeper.

5 hours of pre-recorded content

You get 5 hours of deep video lectures that will change the way you look at sexuality and intimacy so that you know how to move forward on your journey to a more vibrant life.

Instant access

This is a pre-recorded course and you get immediate access to all six modules so you can start your journey right away.

Hi! I am Sandra Bergman

I am here to gently invite you back to yourself and the vibrant life I know is our birthright.

My experience in intimacy and sexuality spans over 14 years, and my in-depth training from a variety of both Swedish and international influential teachers has shaped me into a trusted guide on your inner journey to unlock the secrets to a more vibrant and fulfilling life. 

I have also studied with shamans for several years, which has taken me on several longer trainings and trips around the world where I have been inspired and initiated which helps me to see beyond the visible.

When you choose to work with me, you don't just get a teacher; you get a mentor who has already walked the path I am now leading you on. 

My unique ability to combine serious topics with lightness creates an atmosphere of trust and feeling seen and accepted just as you are, making every step of your inner journey an opportunity for personal growth and deeper connection with yourself, others, and the source of life.

My invitation is to join me on this empowering journey of self-awareness and sexual liberation!

This is a pre-recorded course
and you get instant access to all six modules.

You have access to all recordings for one year in your course portal
so that you can come back to them again and again.
The program is in English.

The intimacy you seek is available for you!

But it must be coupled with an effective method.
I have one to offer you in the course Alive in Spirit, Intimate in Connection.

The price is a steal for what you will get and is available for a limited time.