From self-love to
thriving relationships

A Journey Through Body, Pleasure & Love

A three week online course
that goes LIVE on Zoom

It starts with you...

When you've been yearning for a love that truly sees you, but keep attracting partners
who feel distant or emotionally unavailable, it's often because you haven't solved your love blockers.  

Without truly understanding yourself, the cycle of guarded relationships continues.  
The missing piece to get there is through self-discovery and embodiment work
(think: feeling your truth, not just talking about it!).

This will make a huge difference from the frustration of ending up alone again and again
or getting stuck in the same patterns within your relationships.

Once you implement these tools and make the shift from fear to self-love,
experiencing lasting love becomes natural and joyful!

The most intimate love stories begin with
a loving connection to yourself.

Are you connected to yourself?

 If you are disconnected from your body physically or emotionally, it makes a deeper connection with others much more difficult.

It can feel like you don't actually feel that much physically, your body can feel a bit numb and like it belongs to someone else... (...which it does, your mind, and it's not the best partner to your body, that's for sure...) You might not feel the full range of emotions either.

In the course I'll show you how to reconnect with your body, reclaim your pleasure, and cultivate a deeper capacity for love so that you can build the best foundation for a thriving and passionate relationship. 

It's not because of the other person that the same pattern is repeated over and over again ...

It's your love blockers!

No matter how many relationships you end or how often you find yourself in relationships that never meets your needs, it's not about the other person.

It's about the patterns you repeat over and over that keep you away from the deep love you really are longing for.

Now it’s time to remove the love blockers and when you do, you can open up for a love that truly sees you, that feels safe to open up to and share your passions with.

This is a connection that feels safe, supportive, and allows you to truly express yourself in all your flavors.

This kind of love is possible, and it starts with creating a safe and loving foundation within yourself.

What's in the course?

Each week you will receive lecture and practices that will help you release your love blockers which, among other things, manifest as:

 • You find yourself attracted to emotionally unavailable partners, repeating a pattern from your past.  

• You struggle to share your true feelings with a potential partner, worried they won't like the "real you.”

 • You have trouble expressing your desires or needs in a relationship, leading to misunderstandings.  

• You feel discouraged and hopeless about finding a fulfilling relationship.  

The practices are body-based which means you get to use breathing, movement, and sound to make a deeper connection with your body.

This gets you to the root cause of why you repeat these patterns over and over again so you can dissolve them and finally open up to a love that truly sees you.

Hi! I am Sandra Bergman

This is my invitation to a journey of self-discovery that is as enjoyable as it is profound.

As an experienced tantra teacher and intimacy coach, and my in-depth training from a variety of influential teachers, both locally and internationally, has shaped me into a trusted guide to a more vibrant and fulfilling life and love relationship. 

I have also studied with shamans for several years, which has taken me on several longer trainings and trips around the world where I have been inspired and initiated which helps me to see beyond the visible.

With me as your guide, you'll find a trusted mentor who has walked this path before, bringing wisdom from years of study and personal experience.

This is a safe and nurturing space for you to explore, grow, and fully embrace your authentic self so that you can have a fruitful, nourishing, loving relationship.


For 3 weeks we will meet on Zoom where I will give a lesson on the theme of the week and give you the opportunity to receive personalised guidance. In addition, you will receive juicy and powerful yet gentle exercises to help you anchor this connection in your daily life so that you get closer to the love you desire. They are pre-recorded and usually shown in a video demonstration with an accompanying audio file that guides you through the exercise. Some also have a PDF for further clarification. 

My recommendation is to spend 1-2 hours per week doing the practices and attending the calls. This is how you slowly make the lasting changes you want. 

You have access to all materials for one year. 

No, you do not have to. This is your personal journey whether you are in relationship/s or not. All exercises are designed to be done alone without a partner. 

Our Zoom meetings are on ... During these I will give a lesson on the theme of the week and you will have the opportunity to receive personalised guidance. These calls are recorded and will be posted on the course portal for you to revisit.

No, it does not. You get direct access to the materials in the course and therefore there are no refunds after your purchase. I trust that you are ready to do the work when you join and I know that if you complete the lessons and exercises, you WILL feel a shift in your ability to connect with someone else on a deeper more intimate level.